Remove 0 from fractional imperial dimensions

Hi there!
I’m wondering if there is a way to remove the zero from before imperial fractional dimensions in Rhino for mac.

(Reason: the zero takes up space and crowds small dimensioned details. I have been manually changing this for way too long…)

Here is a similar thread below in the Rhino for Windows forum:

Just a workaround: You could change the style from feet/inch to fraction and append " if desired.

That’s actually a fine workaround. Thank you!
I’ll use that method for all smaller dimensions.

Rhino V6 for Mac will have “zero suppression” tools in the annotation styles definitions so this will be a bit more flexible.

Awesome! Thank you guys so much :blush:

Excellent. And we can use it between say … 2 months? :sorriso:

We can say anything but it’s meaningless.
We won’t know know long development and testing will take until we’ve done the work. As convenient as it would be, development is done based on task completing, not based on the calendar.