Remote Rhino Install

Hey Guys,
I just tried reusing some of my older Rhino6 files to install it again on this new hard drive.
But the installer doesn’t work b/c it keeps trying to ping the internet, or when I tell it to use the local computer, it still fails. This didn’t happen before. Can someone tell me if the ‘redist’ directory and ‘Bootstrapper’ file are time sensitive? If not, what can I be doing wrong? I tried every possible combination of methods to get this installed.

To build a V6 for Windows off-line installation package, complete the following steps:

  1. Using and online Windows computer, start the installer
  2. Click on the little gear icon
  3. Select the option to build an off-line installation package
  4. Follow the displayed instructions

Any luck?

Make sure you’re using V6 SR35.
Do not use an older installer.

Thanx for the quick reply John.
I did all that previously, and am using previously downloaded files.
Do thy have an time limit or are they a on-off use?
Do I have to do this every time?
I’m having troubles w/my old hardware, which is forcing me to do complete OS re-installs (not fun!).
So I have have to do this again if the OS gets corrupted again.
Can I use previously downloaded Rhino files?

You should always build a new offline install package so your get the current Microsoft and Rhino tools.


How do I tell it to only download English language files and not all those other languages (download takes WAY too much time!)

But would it work using old files?

Apparently not.
I just tried it.
So now these installation files are TIME SENSITIVE.

Off-line installs have always been time sensitive since an active Rhino release updates monthly, and Windows updates weekly.
For V6, that is not under active release, after 6.35, you only need to update for Windows changes.

This behavior had not changed.

OK, thanx.