Remote panel for Grasshopper Mac?

With Grasshopper in the foreground, navigate to View > Remote Control Panel in the macOS toolbar. Does that work?

Thank you Dan… It worked…

hi, I am trying to create a new group in the remote control panel in Mac but can’t figure it out… is it not possible yet or am I stupid? thanks!

Hi Pablo - I see that there are a few issues with the Remote Control Panel on the Mac and have added this to our tracker system as item RH-57691.
Thanks for reporting!

thanks! yup, that’s exactly my issue. I also wanted to point out that scrolling doesn’t work properly for me either (when you have a lot of elements in the panel).

Btw, any news on floating panels and being able to move them around and dock them freely like in windows?

The issue seems closed. I’m getting the exact same issue on the latest Rhino 7 though (was not there in Rhino 6). Is there any news on this?

Hi -

Several things were mentioned in this thread. Can you specify which problem you are running into?

Running into the problem as described in the initial post on

However, today it’s working properly (as fixed in the issue). Will see if it returns.
There is a different issue I would like to add though:
If there are numerous items in the Grasshopper remote panel, I can’t scroll up and down to see them (doesn’t respond to scroll wheel, trackpad, and there is no scrollbar). The only way to use the items is by enlarging the panel.