Reminder: SVG exporter still renders non-baked Grasshopper geometries


I’ve noticed that the SVG exporter still exports non-baked Grasshopper preview geometries along with baked ones, which I find inconvenient.
The issue was already pointed out by @andheum in 2018 (cf. post) and still persists on macOS and Rhino 7.

Here’s a simple example:

A Grasshopper circle gets baked, is selected in the Rhino viewport, and Export is called.

The SVG export window already shows the issue here. Even the still active plane preview of the circle from Grasshopper gets rendered and exported.

By inspecting the output SVG, it becomes clear that the circle was also exported twice: the preview (here deep red) and on top the baked circle (black).

If this behaviour is intended, and explanation why would be welcome.

Logged in:

RH-79208 Export SVG: Includes Grasshopper Preview Geometry

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