Remeshing tool?

hi everyone
i wonder if there are a tool can remesh “retopology” to look like normal polygon modeling method result, by just putting some points in a surface and connect them to create a 4 edges surfaces like the image


You might look into mutiblend feature in VSR shape modeling plug-in. But with that two fillet surfaces, I don’t think mutiblend can finish the job. (Not sure if mutiblend can blend 5+ edges)
I’m imagining step 1. mutiblend, step 2. filletedge. step 3. mutiblend again.

the only “retopo” in NURBS is extracting Srf or IsoSrf. though the resulting “patch” will always follow your Srf Isoparm. what you mentioned is like “append polygon” tool within NURBS. I am afraid that is only possible in poly. NURBS is different… inputting 5 points to create NURBS srf will not inherit the tangent direction. as the curvature between points will be G1. (unless u provide more point in between or using patch Srf).

the only sense to retopo NURBS is to extract its curve and rebuild the surface. from what I see on your picture, it is THE clasic Y-shape surface that is perhaps one of the most problematic blend you can encounter in NURBS modelling.

from your question I think you are used to model in Poly. I would model that part in poly first and then convert+rebuild it back in NURBS later. to get the exact fillet dimension.

may I know what is the reason you want to retopo your NURBS?

@KevJin hi buddy, I am curious since I have never used VSR, is it available only for Rhino?

Yes, that plug-in is only for Rhino.

i meant creating a mesh surface from 5 points and get it’s shape from the surface ,not creating a NURBS surface

yes i used to poly modeling ,and want to retopology for cleaner & faster rendering result with fewer polygons

Ok, creating retopo mesh from NURBS is easy, all you have to do is install Tspline for rhino. it has retopo snap tool to do the job. Activate retopo snap and then click those 5 points and u will get what u want. Although i would suggest using MAYA for this kind of hybrid NURBS - poly. Maya quadraw tool is perfect for this job.

U can try both method and see which one satisfy u, let me know if u have any more question

There is a work around using native rhino command though, use snap “persistent on suface” pick the surface and create 5 points. Your points will lie exactly on the srf, then create mesh from that point. (Maybe u can input it to grasshopper for easy tweaking)

thanks for your help , i will try Tspline