Remesh objects

One time I had a example file of two or more surfaces intersecting with each other. These were re-meshed by MeshMachine/Plankton.

I cannot remember where that example file can be found again nor how to remesh intersecting surfaces.
Do you might know how to remesh intersecting surfaces?

problem meshmachine merge (13.0 KB)

Hi @ForestOwl,

Doing this is a bad idea, since it results in a mesh with non-manifold edges, even when done cleanly!
A non-manifold mesh edge has more than one other edge attached to it, which is bad.
Think about what we talked about last time (e.g. edge flow, face flow, watertight meshes)!


Guess what for instance Rhino does to fix the non-manifold edges? Well, this …

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… it unwelds/detaches the problematic mesh faces, and you end up with two separate mesh planes again!

The right way to connect two mesh planes, would be something similar to either this:

Or this:

Also there is no need for remeshing, if you construct a clean mesh in the first place!