Remember layers on for print or any other point in time

Setting something up for print and turning layers on and off, hide command etc as starting to use :slight_smile:
If I a while later see I missed something, rather than have to try and turn back on the layers I had on for the print, is there a way of remembering what was on and off, even storing line thickness details I might have used just for the print then changed them to fatter lines again for my own visual use afterwards. Even to turning back on BringForward settings as I use these for print then undo them afterwards.

The more I think about this request the greater the need becomes.

Also setting a point in time and restoring layers and other settings such as MoveForward to this point.

A bit like saving Cplanes !


Hi Steve- use LayerStateManager for this.


I shall experiment with that.

I am finding thopugh also that the print properties window doesnt hold my settings.

I will make another post on this, what with the new window placement driving me mad.


What command is this? We don’t have a MoveForward command that I know of.

The Hide Clusters toolbar may be of use to you.

It’s ‘BringForward’