Remember CAD in the old days? Pepperidge farm remembers



I got to run Intergraph’s IGDS on VAX systems, output on tape.


Man, I thought that was a silly joke from Family Guy, I couldn’t have imaged that this was true


… Like these, for example. Cubicomp Picturemaker, output to 35mm slides (1987):


Yay! Good that some remember.R8, .G8, .B8 and .CUBI files! 5 lights and 32 materials! ASCII macros!

There was a TV documentary around 1986 about “the world’s technologically most advanced TV station”, Globo TV from Brazil, and seeing that thing was what got me into design and 3D. Fantastic that some remember this system!


I started ‘officially’ in 3D using Alias on a SGI workstation at ArtCenter in 1995. It wasn’t very early … but I do remember the computer + software cost $100,000. They had bike-lock cables to secure the equipment to the desks. That was an investment.

‘Nowadays’ my students can buy the far superior Rhino 6 (Educational version) for only $150. And, it runs on any practically any computer or laptop that will boot. That is amazing!

Oddly enough, only about 25% of my students get it for home use. I don’t understand it either.


Modelled my first shoe last on an Acorn Risc machine. Bezier patches. Could not CNC the lasts into reality, that came many years later.
I loved the on/off switch on the Acorn. Immediate effect. Like switching on/off a light bulb.


I started with a German 2D CAD called PC-Draft.
Unfortunately, it didn’t survive the jump to Windows.

It had a very good feature in dimensioning:
It was able to sort in the 7.85 at the right place.
Very handy.
Would be a good feature in Rhino as well, 28 years later…

(David Rutten) #51

Yeah, benefits of having an OS on 4MB of ROM. I still can’t believe how much functionality they managed to squeeze into 4MB…