"Remark" overrides "Warning" in component color

I have a param in a component that’s adding a “Remark” runtime message. The component is also adding a “Warning” runtime message. I would expect the component to be “warning” orange — but because of the presence of the “Remark” it looks normal hunky-dory gray. I would expect the precedence to happen Error > Warning > Remark in terms of setting the component color, but it appears to be Error > Remark > Warning. But maybe I am misusing “Remark”?

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Yes, warnings ought to override remarks. But I’ll admit that’s rarely tested properly as vanilla GH doesn’t really use remarks. Thanks, I’ll have a look.

Yup, found and fixed.

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Hi David,
Remark still overrides Warning in Rhino 6 SR32, in Rhino 7 it is fixed, just letting you know

Yeah the fix was never backported into Rhino6. I think in April we were only supposed to put critical fixes into Rhino6 and this didn’t really qualify.