Remap objects

Hi, I used to use a product call Rhinonest which was super handy for me. The feature I miss as I’m on a Mac now is the remap objects command , I could select my ungrouped model and remap the poly surfaces to the construction plane . see video here: RhinoNest 4.0 - Remap - YouTube
Is there a set of commands or grasshopper definition that can do this? We cnc cut furniture and this saves a lot of time.

Hi -

Have you taken a look at OpenNest?

I tend to nest most things by hand due to wood grain orientation and part size , does opennest decompose a 3d model made of polysurfaces to one plane? this what i need. I see Rhinonest did do a gh plugin some time ago .

If you need to do things by hand, create a custom CPlane for each object and use the Rhino RemapCPlane command. I don’t know what OpenNest does - there’s a separate category here on Discourse where you can get help with that. If you’re happy with RhinoNest, use that.

OpenNest has a component called Pack Objects that does what you’re looking for.

You can install OpenNest with the _PackageManager command from Rhino.

Quickest way to get started with OpenNest is to watch the tutorial videos here:


thanks i’ll give it a try

RhinoNest 4.0 - Remap - YouTube

found the solution its a grasshopper plugin: (22.6 KB)