"Remap" Camera/Named Views in Gh

Hello there,
not super urgent or crucial to my project, but I am hoping to get some advice on the following.

I am trying to “remap” entire models from a CPlane I’d set arbitrarily*** at the start of a project so that all geometry (and ideally Blocks, CPlanes and Named Views) would be oriented to the World XY.

I’ve been able to write a grasshopper def for remapping all blocks, which works decently. It’s a bit bodge but for now I can just block all the geometry in a given document and remap at a satisfying rate.

I’m hoping someone can help me figure a better way of doing something similar for Named Views (and ideally CPlanes would be ideal bcos all my Layouts are defined by a respective NV and CPln).

I’m attaching a definition that seems to work fine (requires Horster plugin) and a file to test it on. Only annoying thing is that I have to go through each NV manually and update the Horster component, and manually create a new NV etc, etc…
Again I could also do all of this manually but just cannot be bothered, as much as I find all this irritating.

Thanks !!

WIP_Remap_NamedView.3dm (379.7 KB)
WIP_Remap_NamedView.gh (17.7 KB)