Relocate gumball so as *to stick* …

I AM currently still on Rhino-5 for Mac and experience an unwanted “feature” that may be absent from version six and/or from the Windows version (?).

Relocate Gumball—this works, but with a big but: beyond the closing of the file, any relocation does not stick.

On re-opening, the Gumball reverts to its original location near the centre of the object, at least in version 5 of Mac Rhino. Am I missing something?

Ideally, an object’s relocated Gumball would stay at the new location, unless and until commanded otherwise!

Can anyone advise please?

Hi Clive -

In a quick test here on Rhino 6 on Mac, the Gumball remains in the user-defined position after re-opening the file.

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Wim, thank you. Another incentive to upgrade …