Reload modified data only

I found this C# component with reloads all my Rhino Objects on Layer “GH Glasdach” when updating the Panel to C# Link in Grasshopper. This is pretty usefull in the workflow.

My problem is, it reloads all the Objects in GH wheter they were modified or not.
Since all Objects go trough a certain process in Grasshopper, this takes a lot of calculation time everytime I reload the Rhino Objects.

Is there a way that Grasshopper just reloads the modifyed Objects from Rhino to save calculation time?

I guess as long as all Objects are in one List, GH recaluclates all the List Items if anything changes before the List!? (8.1 KB)

I doubt that’s possible if the objects are all in the same tree. The entire parameter is expired, then recalculated. If you’re in charge of the code which does the heavy lifting, you can probably implement a caching mechanism internally though.

Thanks for the answer.
You mean a chaching mechanism after the “Bang” component? How could that look like?

You’d have to write code which stores solutions from previous calculations and then reinstates them off a new object comes in which you’ve seen before. This can be very complicated depending on how easy or difficult it is to compare objects for equality.

However that is only a meaningful optimisation within a single unit of code. The wire connections in grasshopper cause all connected components to fully expire together and all data they contain must be calculated anew.

ok, thanks.
probably to much effort

Yeah I’d say so. Lot of work with no guarantee of success.