Relief, How to make such an effect as in the picture?

How to make such an effect as in the picture?

I did something similar, but not all the horizontal extrude out.
I want the contour lines to be smooth and iridescent in color, it is dark to light.
test1.3dm (107.8 KB) (19.7 KB)

There are a few issues…

First of all I would extrude the Mesh in Rhino using the dot on the Gumball. You can pull the dot downwards far enough, so you can select just the bottom of that extruded mesh. Then scale the bottom of that to be completely flat.

The closed mesh created this way creates complete contours. I internalized the mesh in the GH file.

I’m usually using the regular Contour tool, not Contour ex.

Because I’d want the relief to be nice smooth, we have to rebuild the inner curves. The quickest way to filter the curves is with Edges from directions. (69.5 KB)


here is my test, sorry for not looking in your file its just a test to replicate the picture. (14.2 KB) Geo_gradient.3dm (146.3 KB)


Since im learning GH, i decided to challenge myself to stack polygons as a source… and this added a couple changes to do the unionbox on the BBox to the previous script. I guess i learned that one!

And made a toy along - towers of hanoi like - missing the pin and the hole in the pieces, i know)… Not sure i used the right component (Range) but it added an interesting twist…

Geo_gradient towers of (30.7 KB)

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sorry for being silly

hahaha, cool happened)


thanks too