Release mode break the program


I’m working with Visual Studio 2010 and RhinoCommon with c#.

I’ve developed a process that works fine in debug mode, but in release mode Rhino is break.

I’ve detected that the process break in this point

Curve result = Curve.JoinCurves(new Curve[] { curva1, union, corner_, curva2 }, 0.000000001, true)[0];

I don’t use threads, and I don`t know how to solve this problem

It is possible that Curve.JoinCurves returns null or an empty array. So, before you apply the [0] index operator, first check if the result is not null and has content:

Curve[] joined = Curve.JoinCurves(new Curve[] { curva1, union, corner_, curva2 }, 0.000000001, true);
Curve result = null;
if (null != joined && joined.Length > 0)
    result = joined[0];


It not works in release

if I put this code

Curve[] joined = Curve.JoinCurves(curvesUnion, 0.000000001, true);

The MessageBox.Show(“2”) is not executed in release mode, but in Debug mode it works fine

If I envolve this code in try…catch no exception is raised

Why such a tight tolerance (0.000000001)? Most joining operations use 2.1 * the document’s absolute tolerance…

I’ve changed the tolerance to 2, but I release em mode still does not work

I have disabled also the optimizer code for release and removed all warnings.

Do not know what else to do :S

It starts to sound like a bug in Rhino or RhinoCommon to me. Does this happen with any curves in your code, or just a specific example?

One thing to check, if you haven’t done so already: are all the input curves 1) not null and 2) valid and 3) not short?

private bool CheckInput(IEnumerable<Curve> curvesUnion, double tolerance) {
foreach(Curve crv in curvesUnion)
    if (null == crv) 
        RhinoApp.WriteLine("one of the curves is NULL");
        return false;

    String err;
    if (!crv.IsValidWithLog(out err))
        RhinoApp.WriteLine("One of the curves is not valid: "+err);
        return false;
    if (crv.IsShort(tolerance))
        RhinoApp.WriteLine("one of the curves is too short");
        return false;



This error appears only in this process, in others parts of code works fine.

This process is for making a polish cycle over marble. The cycle consist in doing spirals over the surface to get the polish.

I attach a picture to represent what the process does. This picture is obtained executed the process in Debug mode with Visual Studio

The selected path is the representation of the polish cycle 3

Attaching your code, I’ve detect that if I put a toleance value greater that 0.1 I get the erro “one of the curves is too short”.

In release mode, the polish cycle is broken and the toolpath is not generated. No exception is throwed

This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense since debug and release builds are running against the exact same Rhino executable. One thing I notice from your screenshots is that it looks like you have a skin running in your release build and not in your debug build. What happens if you run your plug-in without the skin?

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Also, does your document have the same tolerances in both debug and release?

Yes, tolerances are the same.

I’ve executed the code in release without the skin and works fine!!!

I never would have guessed that the skin failed and I was already going crazy

Thank you very much!