Relaunch Open Apps at Startup doesn't work for the WIP

While selecting Relaunch Open Apps at Startup upon switching off the computer, with the WIP running.
works fine for all my other Applications. Only the WIP opens yet stay unresponsive and has to be quit and relaunched. [force quite is not required]


Hi Akash - is there any message box or anything hiding someplace? As far as I can see this basically works here though it does not remember the file(s) I had open - not sure if that is expected or not.


Hi Pascal
No massage box, here Rhino just sit in the dock being on, but not working. [relaunch required ]
All other Apps opens correctly.
Opening the last file does not happen in other apps as well which I think is the intended behaviour .

thanks a lot for looking into this

Hi Pascal
this seems to be working as expected now. maybe it was a glitz on my machine, but this morning rhino started correctly without the need to quit and relaunch.
thanks a lot.