Relative Differences refuses to work in one case

Hi, I’m trying to understand why Relative Differences works directly from the Member Index, but not when I manually add an entry by using the Merge component.

What I’m trying to do, is find where the dates appear in the list, I would rather use 3112* as a value so I don’t have to specify the years manually, but the Member Index component doesn’t allow the use of the star * character.

After that I want to use Partition List to turn the original list into four partitions that contain the entire data of one entire year.

I expected Relative Differences to calculate the relative differences for me, being 365, 365, 366 and 365. But somehow it’s returning a zero for the first year, so I figured I’d add a zero in the start of the list to force it to compare and then I’ll use Shift List to remove the first zero result after the Relative Differences again. Maybe there’s a better way to do it, but I haven’t used these components a lot/ever.

Does anyone know why it refuses to compare the list with the Merge? (18.5 KB)

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Thank you so much, I remember it was something like this but I couldn’t remember specifically. It works flawlessly now.

Screenshot 2022-09-21 104032