Rejoining unrolled surfaces?

Is there a way to recombine unrolled surfaces? I got a boathull form in panels and would need to join them at the edges to form the 3D hull.

Hi Marcus - in UnrollSrf, set Explode=No - does that do what you need? To force some seams to be open on unrolling, use UnjoinEdge on these before unrolling.

Any good?


I do only have the flat panels. I would need a way to loft the 3D surface from those. It doesn’t have to be exact but an approximation so I can rebuild the 3Dhull from that.

Something like that.

There is a bottom and 3 side panels that I would need to join at the edges to develope the hull shape.

Oh… wow… good luck. I do not have any good ideas other than trial and error.


Thank you. I pierced the hull together from the information I had from the 8 hull panels.
I unrolled the 3D hull and all my panels are within 15mm to the original.

There should really be a “join panels at edges and form 3D object” command :slight_smile:

Build solid from panels maybe?

That is much more difficult to do mathematically than unrolling the surfaces…

Sure, but not impossible either.
Nearing the surfaces to manually rebuild the 3D surface would be a neat feature.
You could choose the degree of accuracy on the computing power available.