Regular Isocurve Grid


I’m trying to rebuild the surface so its isocurves form a regular 1m grid as seen from top view. I got pretty close but not exact. Any ideas on how to achieve this (hopefully without GH)? File attached.

Isocrvs.3dm (1.0 MB)

Many thanks in advance


What is it you are trying to achieve?
I think it’s likely there is another solution for the problem you are trying to solve.

Rebuilding a surface to get an evenly distributed iso curve network will likely never work reliably or only inefficiënt with much tweaking.


Art project…

I’m not joining the srf to others so not an issue…


If you’re only looking for lines (visual) why not just project your grid of lines onto the surface?

I’m also using the control pts of the srf.

How about:

Create curve with control points evenly apart
Array that curve next to each other evenly apart.
Create loft through the curves.

Lastly trim the resulting surface into its desired shape.

Also: are you aware you can set the isocurve display density?


@Willem the original surface must remain unchanged. See rhino file. TIA H

Does this work for you?
Isocrvs-Resurf.3dm (4.0 MB)

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@Helvetosaur Beautifully Brilliant! Thanks. How did you do it? - I have three more? H

Well, yeah, it does involve the use of a script to create the surface - and one ‘manual’ adjustment.

Basically it’s this:

  • Untrim your base surface, keep the trim curve
  • Make a grid of points from your line grid (I used Intersect)
  • Project the points onto the untrimmed surface
    (the script can take a point cloud, so you can point cloud the result if you want, but not necessary)
  • Run the script with the points or point cloud to create the surface
  • Re-trim the surface with the trim curve.

The important details:
In the script, chose InterpSrf, not CtrlPtSrf as a command line option

Once the surface is created, you need to InsertKnot a new knotline at the four outer edges of the surface - the surface creation method from a grid of points always makes surfaces this way for some reason. You can snap to the grid points to guide the creation of those knots.

The script basically takes a set of points that are organized in a precise rectangular grid but possibly unordered and tries to re-order them correctly into rows/columns order make a surface from them. (5.8 KB)


@Helvetosaur You are a star! Thanks a million. Spent all morning trying to figure this out. H