Regressions on Eto TreeGridView


I just upgraded to rhino 7.11 and I noticed that the software kept crashing on our treeview built with Eto. This was not the case with Rhino 7.10 and we are doing pretty weird stuff but nothing illegal, we are using the given API from the framework. I worked around some things but then it crashes onto others. There are null pointers and cast/reflection exception to boot.

Any suggestion?

Hi @Alberto,

Is the crash repeatable? If so, can you provide some sample code so we can repeat the crash?


– Dale

Hi @dale,

it seems connected with custom cells with checkboxes inside treegridviews. We worked around it using the stock checkbox cell provided via eto. If I got some time I am going to try to create a small reproducer without all the crap we have in our plugin.