Regression SR12 Obj textures stay shiny

Version 7 SR12 (7.12.21313.6341, 2021-11-09)

After the update today, obj file textures stay shinny in rendered view not respecting the roughness map or the roughness setting but the textures render properly in cycles when I hit the render button.

In the last, sr 11 Textures imported with obj files displayed properly with roughness etc. all nicely displayed in rendered mode viewport. After I import an obj file I change the material type from custom to pbr and reload the appropriate maps. This was working and the effect of the map displayed in rendered mode view but now they always look shinny in the viewport.

Metallic maps etc. don’t display or their effect is no longer present in the viewport on these imported objs as well. Rhino pbr materials created in Rhino seem to be showing fine in the rendered viewport.

Ok I went back into this file and now it’s all working properly. I think switching from custom to pbr did not take. Even though all the slots showed and I put maps there nothing showed and the viewport remained shinny. I then reverted back to custom and then back to pbr and now it’s working.
Thank the merciful ones, love how fast cycles is working was there some tweaks there?

I see what is going on…
There is a weird lag/bug in the redraw of the materials panel where a material does not redraw but rather redraws with the last used material.

Just now I went into the water material drag and drop from the library and it showed up as a pbr when I reselected it. But it’s not a pbr, its a custom material. I had to exit the panel reselect the water surface and the material now displayed correctly as a custom material. Looks like the last chosen or worked on material was/is being drawn on the panel.
Perhaps I’m pushing too fast but the materials panel has always been glitchy.

Also one last thing alt with the gumball doesn’t show the + sign when using the rotate function with alt, but the object gets copied just the same.

Only the fix for shadows-only ground plane in combination with sun or directional light (including default camera-based lighting when all lights are disabled).

@3dsynergy Watch for the normals to be pointing in on an object if it looks shiny/metallic in Raytraced mode or the Render. The backface of an object can cause a material to look metallic. I’ll use the Dir command to check if I see what you described initially here.

Hi @3dsynergy,

Do you have a 3dm or OBJ file you can send me which shows this problem? I’d need that and clear step-by-step instructions to repeat the problem before I can start looking into it.



Hi @johnc
I now know what to look out for, it was the material panel after working heavily didn’t redraw the information for that material correctly but used something else. I see it occasionally but it takes a while to happen usually after long sessions of modeling and texturing.

Also this imported obj file would not convert to pbr from custom at first. It took me a few tries to get it to stick as I reported and what was weird all the slots for pbr showed up I assigned more maps and the material didn’t change. I then changed it back to custom and then back to pbr and it worked in the viewport.

Then I added a water material from the library which is the type custom and when I looked at it in materials rhino reported it as a pbr. I made the layer panel visible and went back to materials and then the water material showed as custom.

I can’t really figure out the step by step but I see that other material information doesn’t redraw in the panel also which is how I figured our to try the reported obj file again and got that working.

I’ll see if I can catch it but at least all is working.
Thanks for your concern

Hi @BrianJ,
Yep that was the first thing I check when I run into this. I have a backface viewmode I check when I model and I turned that on and checked and the model was fine but definitely a good tip in these cases.