Registering Rhino Plugin: is Rhino plugin GUID consistent across multiple installations?


To register Rhino plugin, we need to add the plugin’s GUID into registry. I can easily get the plugin GUID by calling property when my plugin runs. What I’m interested in knowing is does the GUID for a plugin change across different installations? If not, how am I suppose to know what the pluginID is before installation?


As long as you don’t change the GUID of the plug-in, it stays the same across multiple installations. Changing it is usually a bad idea.

The GUID of a .NET plug-in can be found in the AssemblyInfo.cs file

// The following GUID is for the ID of the typelib if this project is exposed to COM
[assembly: Guid("af48af4f-04f9-4730-8fea-e7e29f4aed84")] // This will also be the Guid of the Rhino plug-in

or if you are working in C++ from the RHINO_PLUG_IN_ID macro
RHINO_PLUG_IN_ID( L"33F258B2-AC52-4719-9A59-3A129DEF2C2B" );

Thank you so much Menno!