Hi All,

Is it possible to get region difference to work with a number of curves at once, as in to get it to reference the same item from separate lists as its cutters, i.e. list b item 1 is used to triom from list a item 1, then b2-a2 and so on…

I know its more like (0,0) - (1,0), then (0,1) - (1-1)…but how! haha.

Thanks you all! (15.3 KB)

You can create a region union with each set of curves before creating the difference. (8.8 KB)

Hi Martin,

Thanks so much for your reply, however its not quite the outcome I am looking for…

I want to be able to see the overlaps of each point, but I don’t want to have to do the operation for each point individually as per the screenshot…

Hope that makes sense.


Have you tried Grafting the input?

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Yes unfortunately it didn’t work as intended. It’s really confusing me!

Thank you so much for your help though!

I’m not really clear on what you are trying to achieve. A sketch could be helpful.

I dont know if either of these get you closer?

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your help, no its not quite what i am after.

So the circles are created from the same point, one at a 10m radius and one at a 5m radius. I want the 5m radius subtracted from the 10m radius for each point, but for the difference to affect only the two curves associated with that point… so if both sets of curves are derived from the same point container with multiple points allocated, it will create separate lists of the same length, and in theory, it should go like

(0,0) - (1,0)
(0,1) - (1,1)
(0,2) - (1,2)…

this way it will show the overlap of the regions…

maybe this image will show it better

However that has been created individually for each point… i was hoping it could be done when applying multiple points from rhino to the point container in grasshopper…


To me, that sound exactly like the Graft option already suggested by Martin.


yes thats it, it works for the output of a surface, but I was hoping that I could make it go straight to the hatch component…i got it to do what I want by changing a few things around. I’m sure there is a much simpler way to get it done!

Thank you both very much for your help though, I greatly appreciate it!