Region Trim, data management and offsets

Hello everyone,
I have two questions, stemming from the same script.
I am stuck attempting to extract discreet polyline sections form a series of curves. These sections are defined by a series of circular regions centered on specific points along the curve.

The trouble is that some of the profile curves (46 in this case) are increasing in size and the circle center points are moving along with them. What ends up happening is that, instead of a series of circles only acting on the polyline they are located on, they end up projecting onto all the polylines, creating extraneous sections. (See lower/higher portions of the polyline series) I have attempted playing with grafting and flattening various sources but cannot seem to come to the result I want- 8 circles per polyline, creating only 8 discreet sections.

The second problem has to do with offsetting these sections. Most sections offset correctly but one in particular, folds onto itself. (view from above) I’ve tried joining the resulting curves before offsetting but I am getting the same result.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Daniel (58.0 KB)

Take a look at the attachment. It requires Clipper plugin. (67.4 KB)

Thank you H! That did the trick.