Region Slits doesn't seem like to be slitting all

Hi! I am using GH and Rhino for Mac, I am trying to use RSlits for my project but it skips few of the planar surfaces that I created. I tried to find solution for hours. I am wondering if it is a bug to be fixed? is there any limitations for that particular node that I don’t know yet? or even I am making a mistake which could be fixed by some of your help?

I’ve attached the file below. Thanks for your ideas.

geo (26.8 KB)

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There is the same region slits component.
I had to decompile, then project curve to an average plane to make this error go away.

This is and old issue shown in old grasshopper forum, without solution.

try this:
geo (43.1 KB)

yes…gh doesn’t like common sense :grin:

*you might need to flatten Rslits input…


Thanks for your help but I believe it doesn’t quite work on Mac OS platform. But I’ll consider to use this in Windows based computer.

Firstly thank you it solved my problem entirely. I am not a technical person so to be sure was my approach on this wrong?