Region Rendering

Hey I was wondering if it is possible to render individual regions by for example passing in the area you wish to render into a script. If possible I would like to do this in a Plugin unspecific way.


Use -RenderInWindow (with the hyphen). However, this doesn’t support custom resolutions. Only the viewport resolution will be taken into account.

Thanks, that looks like it should work. I am just running into one issue with it however, which is that when I try to script the command it crashes rhino. This is happening even when I just open up a new instance of Rhino then in the command interface type -RenderInWindow 10,10 50,50. I have not sent in an error report if you would like me to I can.

Edit: Also if we did want to render an arbitrary region at the full resolution would you suggest to just resize the viewport then render it using the command? We will be doing it through the command line in the end so modifying the viewport should not matter in our case

I just wanted to see if you have been able to look at this about the crash. If we can’t script this then it will be kind of a deal breaker for what we are trying to accomplish. Once again I can send in the crash reports if that would be useful to you, please let me know what I can do to assist.