Region Render clears previous render from Frame Buffer

When using V-Ray’s region render system, is there an option for the memory not to be cleared?

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Ok so if anyone else is having this problem, here is the solution, from the Chaos Group website.

Let’s say you’ve rendered an image and denoised it. Then, you want to re-render a specific region and denoise it as well. To get the combined result of both denoised renders, you can do the following:

  1. Render the whole image once, have the Denoiser enabled (it will create its own auxiliary channels as well)
  2. Make changes to the scene and re-render only the region encompassing the changes. The effectsResult channel will appear black outside the region frame
  3. Deselect the region (click the VFB region button once), then open the Asset Editor’s right Settings Panel, navigate to the Render Elements > Denoiser section and click the Recalculate button at the bottom
  4. The updated effectsResult channel will contain both denoised outputs.


Doesn’t work when saving exr’s however