Region Intersection/Union/Difference in C++

I am having trouble finding the C++ method for “Region Intersection/Union/Difference”, in RhinoCommon it’s a Curve method: Curve.CreateBooleanIntersection or something like that. I have plenty of experience doing C# development for Grasshopper, but I want to do some P/Invoke of C++ for some critical code in my Grasshopper plugin, and although I am familiar with C++, I haven’t used it’s Rhino API and the documentation seems quite obscure. So my question is: Where to find the method? And, should I use RhinoCommon for C++ development?

Thanks, Felipe Gutiérrez

Nevermind it’s called RhinoCurveBoolean/Difference/Union/Intersection. Also for anyone who comes from RhinoCommon, if using C++ it is not recommended to use the RhinoCommon dll if I am not mistaken.

RhinoCommon is purely for .NET development.

Check out for the C++ development guides and of course for the top-level developer documentation entry point.

Thanks Nathan, that’s how I actually found the function I was looking for.