Regarding ShapeDiver API


Our team is currently exploring Shapediver for our development project besides Rhino Compute. Is there Server-to-server api available at ShapeDiver? It seems that your team provides javascript api which we can employ directly at front-end. However, we would like to bring the parameters from the database at our back-end and request the call to ShapeDiver’s parametric computation system. This is because we want to get the geometry result as an output from your server so that we can render the geometry with three.js on our side.

The bottom line is that we would like to build up our own urban modeling service package for the rest if ShapeDiver provides server-to-server api.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you!



I believe we are already in contact with your team (your colleague Patrick) and that the topic will be discussed in person, as your project seems to have very specific needs. Looking forward to discussing the specifics of it.

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