Reflect rectangular light?


I am having a go with Brazil/Neon again…

And how do I make a rectangular light reflective in Brazil/Neon?
I am making a studio scene and want glass to reflect the light, but I can not find any settings, neither as global settings nor as light settings.

I made a plane with a default material that I gave emission, but there are no multipliers, that is needed too.


(Andrew le Bihan) #2

You’ll need to use a Brazil Advanced Material or a Brazil Brightness material if you want to do greater-than-one emission.

But yes - by default, there is no geometry associated with a rectangular light, so it doesn’t reflect. They are idealised light sources.


Yeah, I made it work with a brazil emmision material. Thanks.
I think that should be reconsidered since arealights are logical for use in studio environments and they cast light in OpenGL. Also this is how it works in V-ray and many other render sollutions.

(Andrew le Bihan) #4

We may look at adding a checkbox for this in Brazil.