RefitTrim Bug

With VSR going away, would be nice to get some stuff fixed on RefitTrim. If you split a surface with a pure plane, and run Refit Trim, the resultant surface does not actually follow the planar cut. The deviation I found in this quick capture is on the lower end of what I see - it’s usually around 0.05 or thereabouts:

Also - as mentioned in the video, the fact that there’s no way to figure out the deviation between input and output is pretty frustrating. Here’s how the VSR version works:

There’s the Max Split Curve Deviation - that’s basically your tolerance setting. If the surface will not meet that tolerance, it can and will bump up the degree if you want for a better fit. In this case - that’s the “Max Degree” set to 6. Then there’s the deviation between the input and output surface, and the deviation between the intersection of the cutting plane and the surface, and the resultant surface edge. I took the VSR result and pulled it onto the cutting plane, and then ran CrvDeviation between the surface edge and the pull. You can see the difference is far below file tolerance:

Hello- yeah, providing some feedback is on the agenda - as is locally adding knots if the precision is not good enough.



I’d personally prefer bumping up the degree over adding knots, but either way would be nice.


Yes, approximation with explicit control over spans/degree is the way to go.