Refit Rail vs FitCrv

Does the Refit Rail option within Sweep1 and Sweep2 use the same logic/settings as the FitCrv command?

The help menu for Sweep1 states that Refit Rail “Refits the rail curve before creating the sweep.” and that “When Refit rail is enabled, the refitting tolerance is controlled by Document Properties → Units → Absolute tolerance.”

However, when I make two example Sweeps and use Refit Rail for one and FitCrv on the rail for the other, I get two surfaces with different topology. Shouldn’t they be the same?
RefitRail vs FitCrv.3dm (1.4 MB)

Hi Mike - I do not know. Let’s ask…
@rajaa - do you have an idea?


Thanks! To be specific, I think the topology of the Refit Rail model is more uniform and preferable to the FitCrv model.

For the record, I tried using FitCrv on the rail before Sweeping as well and got identical results to the one you see here, where I Swept with history then updated the rail with FitCrv.