Refining Sorting points

Hi all ,
i m trying to connect random points with a polyline, so i used rs.sortPointlist but couldn’t refine the process of achieving non Intersecting polyline. Any strategies to achieve this …?? am i missing some pre processes ??? (4.1 KB)

The problem of a so-called self-avoiding walk is difficult to solve on a regular grid. Imagine the difficulty of getting a self-avoiding random walk…

Thank u Menno what i m trying to achieve is more like Travelling salesman Problem. rs.sortpointlits worked fine with pop3d
i want to achieve that it a 2D point list any more directions ???

Hi, did you find any solution to your problem? Because I am trying to do the same, and for now I achieved that through a script in python. I usually export the points in cvc file and import them in python, run the simulation and re-import them in grasshopper. I would like to avoid all this passages and get the travel sales man problem ( with no intersection) directly in grasshopper