Referral for CAD Printing of Coins?


I’m working on creating a design for a coin/medalion for a client of mine and would like to use the Rhino file to get it stamped/printed. Most places only use a vector file to do this. I need much more control over the height than just black or white. For example, a modeled profile of a face with many levels of height/detail as in a real coin.

Need a short run of only 150-200.

Any suggestions or leads would be very appreciated?


Hi Paul - I am not sure what your question is - Rhino can certainly be usedf to make what you describe, though it may take some skill to get it right, depending on what you are modeling…


Without a doubt, Rhino can do what I need. I have been doing it.

What I need is a referral to get the coins/medalions stamped or printed from a company which will use my Rhino files. Most places don’t use CAD files and only require Illustrator or Vector art which will result in flatter relief than is required.

Ah, ok - I do not know about stamping but 3d printing will be able to use Step files (if they want to create the meshes themselves) or stl files (if you do the meshing) from Rhino. I think Materialise was the service I used for metal prints. 3D Printing Software and Services - I sent them step files. I’m sure there are many more.


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