Referencing the name of the GH doc from within the GH doc

I didn’t get that. :thinking:

I see my mistake. When you internalize something, I guess it gets its own GUID.

Sorry, not really clear on what’s expected of me here? How are the Rhino and GH files linked?

They aren’t linked, but by running that batch file you will open the correct rhino file and the correct gh file.

A while ago I suggested McNeel to create new file format. Based on zip, and containing a manifest.xml as well as all necessary files of the project (3dm, gh, materials, background images, textures, scene setup, cameras, worksessions, etc.). However they answered, they have no intention to do that.

If at some point in the future (somewhere around Rhino10) they reconsider. In that manifest you may have an entry that links the 3dm and gh files.

I should have scrolled all the way right…

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