Reference or internalize

Hi I`m working on a configurator containing about 35 meshes (around 800kB each)
only one of these models will be selected per session

Internalizing would be the easiest but I figure your servers wont be very amused Ive managed to load the files through Dropbox which seem to work, but this really consumes a lot of computation time.

Any thoughts on the best approach here?

Internalising lot of meshes makes the definition larger and the workers need more time for opening the model which increases overall processing time. Loading models from your Dropbox could be faster but it depends on connection too. Read more about processing time below.

Also check your account limits for maximum Grasshopper definition size in this Documentation article.

The best approach is to model meshes parametrically, your definition will be small in size and can perform better than internalised or referenced static meshes. We have lot of tutorials which can give you tips on how to improve your parametric model:

Hi Pavol,

I will probably stick with referencing for now(meshes have rather specific topology, will really have to look into that)and maybe a combination with lowpoly internalized placeholders.
tx so far

You can use Rhino ReduceMesh to make the meshes smaller before internalising or referencing them. The command gives you options to reduce the vertex count (hence size) while maintaining acceptable quality of the mesh.

yes working on that right now,