Reference assembly failed to load

Hi all,

I am building a Grasshopper plug-in with an external class library dll compiled in Visual Studio. It works fine in Windows and Mac environments, but it spits out an error message under ARM Windows 11 through Parallels.

Of course, I have double-checked the path, deleted and re-add the assembly, but didn’t work. Do you guys have any thoughts? Thanks in advance.


ARM version of Windows? Rhino is is not supported on that platform. I’m suprised this runs at all and that you got to running Grasshopper. As far as I know no-one on the dev team ever tried that even.

Okay, to your surprise, it works quite well. Any future plan to support ARM Windows?

Not anything tangible at the moment.

Got it. Thanks,


I am getting the same error in the windows environment. Were you able to figure out any solution to this?