Refenced curve does not update when changed

See image below:

If I move the control points of the referenced curve (2) it does not update in grasshopper (2). The connection is not live and needs to be re-referenced.

Same with other objects. Is this intentional?

Not intentional, but either I broke it or it never quite worked. I’ll try and get it fixed today.

Ok, thanks mate.

Yeah I broke it when I made curve and surface parameters more flexible a few versions ago.
Next release will have it fixed again.

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Fixed and started a new public release build, but I noticed there’s at least two bugs left when it comes to curves referencing SubD edges. That’s not something I can fix without help from the SubD developers, so that will take a bit longer.

Hello @DavidRutten,

thanks for the support,

I would be happy to be able to access basic surface and curve parameters.