Reducing Mesh has jagged result

Hi Guys
I have the following problem:
I have 3D scanned tree trunks and edited them and have 3 closed meshes. I needed to process them further in Grasshopper and therefore wanted to reduce the faces (from 80000 to 1000-5000). I did it 15min ago and had good results than my program crashed and the results are gone. Now when I try to redo it on the same meshes it gets really imprecisely and jagged. And I saw that when I pressed undo that the mesh that was closed before, was suddenly an open mesh.
I cleaned/closed the 3-D scanned open meshes (fill all holes command etc)
Any ideas what might help? 191216_3Baumstämme 3-D Scanned_edited.3dm (6.1 MB)

Never mind I found the answer myself. The unit setting had was on meter instead of centimeter and that caused the difference.