Reducing file for rendering


I have a huge file that i’m trying to create a render from. I can open it but I can’t really pan or tumble the view. It was originally made in slidworks and I have an iges file from it. My plan was to convert it over to ploymeshes and reduce them as needed.

Any better ideas?


Pan an tumble frame rate may also be related to the display mode. Fastest should be rendered and wireframe, depending on your objects.

Other than that, if you have IGES surfaces, you will probably not be able to reduce the number of those surfaces very much. Meshes are the way to go here.

Hi Owen- I’d check to see how much there is in the file that is occluded when you render and hide/delete/turn off layers so that only renderable stuff is present. Then start working on how to make these objects more efficient. Custom render meshes per object might be one way to go - things that are small in the rendering can maybe use much looser render meshes.


Yeah that’s what I thought. I just wanted to confirm before I spent a ton of time on it.