ReduceMesh CPU use

I’m waiting on ReduceMesh to simplify a 7000-mesh model(which may have been a bad idea all at once) and I see on the i73930 I have here that Windows says Rhino is fully using all 12 logical processors. Is it really?

Hah… only the brave goes full throttle with out first trying it out on a few houndred :smiley:

And yes, reduce mesh will use all cores, and is one hell of a great tool! It is robust, accurate and really top notch. It has saved my day on many occations.

And I agree that a counter that shows how far it has come on the list when working on multiple objects would really be good! Also adding an ESC function would be a good idea… I had never tried it on multiple objects before, I didn’t know it handled that.

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Thanks for the suggestions I filed a request for a progress bar but there is a percent indicated in the command line. If you don’t see this with your mesh model let me know please as it may be a bug. I also filed a report for Esc to work more consistently when reducing very dense models. I made a few test cases here that differed in what occurred, some canceled and some not at all. Again, please send in a model if you can as this helps a lot as you both know.

Thanks Jorgen. The check is in the post.

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