ReduceMesh… Command not yet on Rhino for Mac?!

Hey there,

I was looking for the ReduceMesh command in Rhino for Mac (Wenatchee 523) but was not able to find it. I use it in German though. Is it not yet implemented? If no, will it be and when?

Would be happy to have it…
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This command is not actually in “core” Rhino - it is a Windows Rhino plug-in. I don’t know when it might be ported to Mac…


oh… I see… too bad :slight_smile:
Would have liked it…

Anyhow - implementation of plug ins would be nice at all :slight_smile: there are many helpful ones for windows… if they could be used natively this would be amazing (I know this sounds way easier than it could be done… if even…).

thanx for your rapidly reply…

PS (off topic…): is your nickname some sort of reference to your origin?

Origin, no, adopted homeland, yes…

Ah schön :slight_smile:
I see…

Thanks for the request… I’ve put it on the list here

Mais, oui… :sunglasses:

D’accord, ca roule :slight_smile:

If I click the url, it says just «You have no permissions to view this page»…

Sorry about that, making these reports publicly visible is a recent project and we’re still working out the kinks. @stevebaer can you help here? I set the permissions to public view but also see the error when logged out.

The issue is visible now. Brian, you just need to switch the issue from “Visible to Developer” to “Visible to All Users” after you create the issue.

We just added ReduceMesh to Rhino for Mac. It should appear in a forthcoming build.

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