Reduced point cloud - display proxy


I was thinking that a nice way to create a display proxy for our hires vegetation blocks would be a reduced point cloud of it.
Can someone help me with that? It should basically work like this:

  1. select the geometry (mesh) for pointcloud extraction
  2. extract pointcloud from the selected mesh
  3. reduce the number of points in the pointcloud by N% (slider) or to a fixed, user defined amount
  4. create a new pointcloud from the remaining points
  5. bake pointcloud

I would use the pointcloud as a display placeholder, to show the approximate volume of the object.

Right now I “redraw” the object with curves, which is kind of time consuming and not very accurate.
The real geometry to be rendered is hidden by using a custom made display mode (“invisible”) which is not showing meshes. The display mode is assigned to the object by using the “setObjectDisplayMode” command.
We are using this technique for a few years now to be able to create larger scenes with plenty of hires vegetation blocks, although it works quite well, but I would prefer If McNeel would come up with a build in Rhino solution to be able to define a display proxy.

thank you for any help


Maybe something like this would work;
Explode the mesh, convert points to point cloud, input a seperate list of colours, and reduce the point cloud using Volvox.