Reduce rhino file size

Hi, sorry for creating this topic again as I know there are already a few similar topics posted in the forum before but the advice were not really useful to me.
My file was doing fine until I used paneling tool to generate certain objects. I have afterwards deleted them but the file remain at a very big size. It was 648MB and after I save small, it becomes 538 MB.
I have purged the files but it doesn’t help to reduce the file size at all. I have selbadobjects but there were none. I am not sure what else I can do as I was pretty sure my file size gone up after the paneling tool created object but they are no longer in the model, yet file size remain huge.

Have you check purge command-line options? you need to set them to yes in order to purge.

Yup I did. They are all set to yes. In fact, sometimes purge did help me to erase certain objects but it does not help to reduce the file size at all

You can try copying all existing objects to a new document and check if the problem still exists.

Hi - You could also use the Audit command to see what is using space in your file.

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