Reduce lines somehow!

Hi! I am working with a lot of lines now and I believe there are like 50000 overlapping lines or something, I finally managed to get illustrator to actual open the export but it is so slow it is underworkable. Btw, if someone is having my problem then I just scaled down the lines by 0.01 and it worked fine, but anyways, I now have this floor plan that I make2d and its a bit too much detail. Any way I can simplify it easily?

First thing I would try would definitely be SelDup. Then Purge and choose which layers to keep turned on.

Got rid of 900 lines of about 109 000. Btw, its the most simpliest apartment even though I added details later. Its 35 m x 35 m big.

PS; A temporary idea I just got that saved me, not from the site plan but for adding some details. I wrote this post as I have been downloading free boats to add as a backdrop, the make2d makes superdetailed versions of them. I was thinking of ways to get the right angles and forms without exporting another 20 000 lines or so. Just realized the answer is kinda easy, do a basic image trace of the image in the right angle and boom.

However, my site plan is screwed but I doubt anyone will provide a solution for me within 10 hours so im giving up on that one.

Purge is interesting! Ill try that now, never heard about it.

100 000 lines sound more like a problem with the geometry. Also, for make2d, try Rhino 6 Beta. Make2d has been completely reworked. For the better. :smiley:


Hello - depending on just how these curves are, it may help to use CurveBoolean > Delete=Used, possibly followed by SimplifyCrv on the result.


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Or it could be just too much detail. For example, this window is detailed well so there are probably like 40 lines drawn just for the glass of one window. Ill try those commands later. It would be greate to reduce the quality of the lines as this happened several times in that process. For example, I make2d:d a boat and it had like 300 000 lines, I ended up taking a screenshot instead and image traced it but for the floor plan it would be cool if lines that are within 3 mm within another line (thus overlapping depending on how deep you zoom) to be just one single line.