Reduce a curve dramatically. cannot pipe

Hi, poking a stick at a gcode reader, to then represent the gcode as a curve… thats the easy part… literally 7 lines of code.

but— now I want to pipe it so its looks like the extruded filament it represents… a polyline (or nurbscurve or any curve) with 139000 points is just never going to pipe… so do I try reduce the points? break the curve into fix length segments? is there a trick where i can represent a curve with a thicker pixel thickness perhaps?

(of course in rhinoommon under code control)

ill give this a crack I guess…

You could move this curve to its own layer, assign the layer a print width, and then show the print widths by running the PrintDisplay command.

– Dale

Thanks dale. I was able to overcome it by some fancy renaming of the command to EmulateGCode and running a pipe on every Z Level change. Takes a minute to load but user gets a nice interactive animation of the build… :wink: