Redist not downloadable for either 7.5 0r 7.6RC

@brian I tried to install these offline (initially wanted to install 7.6RC) this morning and discovered that the redist I had was apparently out of date. I went to my online computer and attempted to download them from the installer using the usual method. The installers got as far as showing an attempt to download and then timed out and showed the same message as when I tried installing on the offline computer - the one telling me how to download the redist.

The redist I have on the offline computer is from last month and worked with the RC 2 weeks ago.

Also: Do the 7.5 release and 7.6 RC use the same redist (if I could obtain it)?

Edit 10:46 EDT: changed category to windows from original automatically supplied mac category.

Hi @AlW did you delete your existing redist folder when trying to get new?

Yes, we update the VC runtime periodically, and it’s important that you also install the latest version. You can also just get the one from The latest supported Visual C++ downloads

The newest ones always support older Rhino’s, but not the other way around.

Blast! Color my face deep red. I deleted it from the offline computer in preparation for the new one but forgot to delete it from the laptop before the download attempt. I guess I shouldn’t update so early in the morning. :sleeping:

Thanks once again for the dope slap. It woke me up.