Red Window 8.1 tile for Rhino WIP

I wanted a bit more of a visual cue about which of my Rhino’s that I had pinned to my Start page was the WIP. The full explanation of how to do this is here, but here is the short version.

In your Rhino WIP install folder which by default should be C:\Program Files\Rhino WIP\System, create an XML named Rhino.visualelementsmanifest.xml - In it, paste in

<Application xmlns:xsi="">

Save the xml, and then start Windows PowerShell as an administrator (right click and Run as administrator), in PowerShell, run the command

(ls "$env:ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Rhinoceros 5\Rhino WIP.lnk").lastwritetime = get-date

That is the default shortcut name and location, change the path and name to reflect reality as needed. And hey presto, a Rhino WIP tile with a red background. The linked article goes into even more cool stuff like assigning your own images and whatnot.


You can also create your own tiles with links to files, folders, programs and websites with OblyTile. I have completely customized my Win 8 start screens with this. There are gazillions of tile icon sites for the images, or make your own… Haven’t got around to making a V6 tile yet… --Mitch

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