Red Hatch denotes a cut surface does the mixed with object colour effect despite moved off surface

cut through an item,wanted to show cut surface as red (museums do so), extractSrf and place on red layer, but it was doing the meshing with object colour effect.
What does one do to stop that by the way ?

Anyhow methinks, do a hatch instead, It did the same colour meshing red. violet fragments, I move it 0.001inch off surface, no better, ok this will do it 0.01inch, no better, now that is a decent distance.

Why ?

…slaps head I went x 0 y -0.01

anyhow what is best way of avoiding the interacting colours etc.

see attached.
hatch move 0.01 inch still interacting colour wise.3dm (84.3 KB)


Hi Steve - yes, those will fight - I’d remove the surface and color it.