Red canvas / red screen error. Can't open file


Since yesterday I get a weird error in a quite big algorithm. When I try to open the file it first shows me the following two errors:

Then I see this:

Then another error:

And then I’m left with a red canvas:

What I found so far concerning this issue are those two posts:

    unfortunately "disabling the solver prior to loading the file " does not work in my case. I tried and got the same errors.
    I’m not sure if reducing the size of my network would be a solution for my problem but regardless of that it would definetely help making the code more understandable and easier to maintain.
    But first I would need to access this corrupted file somehow.

Do you have any suggestions for me?

Thanks in advance

I do have same Red canvas problem, despite solutions like Cluster / Data input-Outpu/ Hops, do you think that upgrading workstation hardware (e.g. GPU) can solve the problem?


Unfortunately I did not find a good solution. I needed to go back to an older version of the file and redo some work. The red screen did not appear again and I haven’t learned why it appeared in the first place. Sorry for not being more helpful

That’s typically an overloaded GDI, try not to have large amount of text in panels. Delete any superfluous panels on the canvas and see if that helps.